a) Educational Activity

1. Sports Medicine Physician Training.

2. Human Health Specialist (Physiotherapists) Training

3. Medical Technology Provider Training.

4. Health Care Managers Training.

5. Elaboration and Introduction of New Educational Methods:

- Practically Oriented Training;

- Practical Skills Mastering;

- Control of Practical Skills Mastering;

- Implementation of Innovative Technologies in Educational Process;

- Distance Learning;

- Final Test Module Evaluation;

- Distance Learning Evaluation.

6. Commission on Forecasting Requirements as to Training Specialists in Medicine and Sports.

7. Correction of Educational Programmes Regarding Future Requirements.

8. Introduction of Educational Standards According to the Recommendations of European Educational Association 1.Institution policy and quality guaranties.

2.Approval, monitoring and occasional revision of educational programmes and diplomas.

3.Evaluation of students’ knowledge.

4.High standards of the faculty.

5.Educational resources and support of students’ activities.

6.Information system.

7.Openness of information.

9. Methods of Mutual Assistance in Training the Highly Skilled Faculty.

10. Interchange of Teachers and Students.

11. The creation of the joint inter-university programs of gradual training at partner universities.

12. The creation of joint textbooks on specific subjects and questions in medicine and sports.

13. To recommend the new edition of the world best leading textbooks in the national languages for the Consortium participants.

14. To organize annual educational conferences (congresses, symposia) in medicine, pharmacy and sport.

b) Research Activity

1. To participate in joint scientific researches

2. The participation in joint competitions for grants to international research programs.

3. The exchange of research modern methods to achieve the desired effect of scientific problems that are developed at the partner universities.

4. Joint training of scientists to develop the new methods of research.

5. To develop the innovative technologies and offer to implement them at the partner universities.

6. The publication of research results in periodicals of the universities-partners.

7. Writing joint monographs on specific scientific problems.

8. The participation in the scientific forums held by the Consortium participants.

c) Health Care and Sports

1. Implementation of Innovative Technologies into the Fields of Medicine and Sports.

2. Experience Exchange Projects to master new methods of diagnostics, treatment, physiological, physical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

3. Participation in Social Programs on Health Care and Sports of the Consortium countries.

4. Production of new diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, sports and educational equipment.